New and Improved Fryer-Hot Shot Fw12

Item No. GM8066

$1,425.00 EAC

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Keep on pouring and pouring and pouring. We packed this hot-shot model with some serious extra power, so you can practically pour funnel cakes nonstop. At an impressive 6500 watts, it's a tubular element fryer that's built to work hot and work fast using up to 20 lb. of cooking oil. An efficient shallow fryer, it includes a safety plug, drain valve and fire emergency tray.


  • Dimensions: 22.5" x 24.5" x 11"
  • 6500 watts
  • 230 volts
  • Plug: 6-50P
  • 41 lbs

Why You Need This

1.  Keep up with the demand for funnel cakes

2.  Produce a variety of other fried delights

Sub Category:Fryer Sub Category:Funnel Cake

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