DIY Create Candy Free Valentines

Kids these days get candy for all kinds of events.  Do you find yourself stashing away the candy so your children forget?  Or do you find yourself consuming unnecessary calories that you don’t need?  Add in how difficult it is to find candy items not made around peanuts or containing some other type of allergy related ingredient.  So on this Valentines Day why not try one of these candy free valentine ideas?  Plus we’ve done the homework for you.  We’ve found the items and have even provided the artwork for these items.

Check it out below!DSC_0160

Start by choosing one of these items:

Item 16884 – Moving Sand

Item 16872 – Micro Fun Flyer Mini Glider

Item 16783 – Block Assembly Toy Car Kit

Item 16148 – Comet Ball

16475 – Frog Eraser

Print one of these FREE sheets we have provided that corresponds with the above items:

*Tip use card stock paper for best results

Sand Box Valentine Printable

Mini Glider Valentine Printable

Toy Car Valentine Printable

Comet Ball Valentine Printable

Frog Eraser Valentine Printable

Cut out the desired amount and apply tape or your choice of adhesive to valentine:DSC_0161

Finished Products:

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