Fun New Classroom Ideas

There is nothing  more exciting than the beginning of a new school year when you get to set up your classroom.  You finally get to see in action all of the cool ideas that you have come up with or found online.  Hayes Specialties Corporation has a variety of items that will help bring these ideas to life and fit into classrooms for all ages.


Every student loves earning a reward and teachers love being able to hand them out.  You can reward students for any number of reasons; getting the correct answer to a difficult question or a team for an educational game.  Rewards can work for behavior as well.  Hayes Specialties has a great selection of pencils and small toys that are perfect for any reward box.

Reading Buddies:

Some students like to have someone to read to or just sit with when they read.  A plush animal or emoji plush can be just the thing they need.  With a variety of large and small plush available, Hayes Specialties has the perfect reading buddy available for any classroom.


Hats are a great addition to any classroom.  A birthday hat to wear for the day or a crown to keep, add to your costume box, wear fun hats when doing silent reading, etc.

Bingo Dabbers:

If you have to stamp a lot of agendas or planners or just want to show what a good job a student did,  a dabber is an excellent replacement for stamps.  With dabbers, you don’t have to keep track of an ink pad and with a variety of designs available you can have a different stamp for each day of the week.


For those students who always need to be playing with something or doing something active a fidget might be just what they need.  Hayes Specialties has a selection of small toys that are perfect for keeping a students hands occupied while not creating a distraction for the rest of the class.



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