Tips for Selling Summer Glo

If you are looking for a way to make some extra funds over the summer, a great way to do that is to sell glo items at concerts, festivals, fireworks, etc.

  • To find events that would be good selling opportunities check online and in the local papers.  Speak to event organizers to find out if there is a fee to sell at the event.  Also, find out what restrictions you might face. 

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  • Check to see if your city or state requires a peddler’s license to sell at events.  Details on requirements can usually be found online at the local government’s website or contact the county clerk’s office.

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  • Tailor your items to sell to the event; flashing mouth pieces are great for events with a lot of teenagers, glo necklaces are great for all ages, and flashing fans are perfect for hot summer nights.

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  • Be where the people are; make sure you are in the crowd or where the crowd will be entering the event at.
  • $3 or 2 for $5, deal in whole dollar amounts and be ready to deal when people want to buy in bulk.

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  • Make sure you have enough small bills on hand to make change with from the first sale to the last.
  • Always have some product cracked and ready to sell, lit glo will attract more attention.

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  • Darker clothing helps the glo show up better while you sell. Wearing the product helps to generate interest.
  • Be fun and engaging; customers are more likely to come buy from an excited seller.

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