Homework Headaches

Let’s face it, this school year is hell. Do we choose virtual, in person, hybrid? No choice is wrong or right, but let me just say, I feel you. We all had to make a choice, and that choice, regardless of what it was, is not easy to handle.  So here we all are, trying to keep our cool, maintain our daily lives, and then handling whatever the school year throws our way. It’s not easy, and parenting is definitely not for the weak.

So while I’m not sure what life is like in your home right now, let me tell you a bit about mine. My kid is in middle school, and it’s a brand new building for them this year. There was a virtual tour, and then right into the building the following Monday. In person classes twice a week and online 3 days. Lord, help us. The end of the previous school year was not an easy task at home, and this “teacher” was feeling defeated. Don’t judge me here, but I now resort to rewards.

“Don’t want to do your work tonight? Well I tell you what, you finish all of your work by Thursday night, I will bring you a surprise home from work on Friday.”

Oh yeah, that’s right, bribery at its finest! I will not keep arguing to complete assignments, but I will reward my kid if we both come out of this alive.  If you find that this method could work for you as well, stop in and check out our stock. 

It doesn’t have to be one of our cute and cuddly plush or a block assembly toy.  You could grab a deck of cards to play some go fish, war, euchre or whatever.  Working on math? Grab a pack of 100 bingo chips.  We have all sorts of colors to choose from and you can work in a reward with some learning all unbeknownst to them! Our colorful designer dabbers also make great stamps for artwork.  We even have those little metal puzzles that are brain teasers. My middle schooler loves them, and for the price and entertainment, I would say it was worth it after some math and social studies.

Seriously, kudos to all of you that are out there trying to make it all work. It’s not easy, and we should remember that the next time we catch ourselves trying to judge each other. I promise, if you come in here to see us, and you are worn out and hanging on by a thread, I will not judge you, but rather, I will smile and simply ask how I can help. We’re here, and we’re glad you are too.