The 2020 Carnival

It would appear as though 2020 came out of nowhere and threw a wrench in our day-to-day lives.  For us Michiganders it may have been the longest summer ever, but without our usual summer escapes.  Whether your thing is camping, community parks and pools, or city fairs; we all missed something this summer, and felt the difference 2020 has brought.  Alone together, right?  Maybe you’ve stressed over bills while your work is/ was shut down, or worried about getting family sick while you worked your essential job, or cried over missed milestones like prom, graduation, a wedding, or even a funeral.  We are all in the same boat.  It’s a challenging boat ride that feels like stormy water in the darkest of nights, but we really are there with you.

Maybe this summer was not what we’re used to, but it doesn’t have to feel like a loss either.  We are open, and we are here waiting to help you find the fun in these times.  Need some fun things to occupy the time?  Come on in and check out our wide variety of novelties.  We’ve got plush, block assembly, die cast vehicles, handheld games, and so many other amusing things.  Need an entertaining way to get together with friends and family?  We have bingo supplies that you can use at home, and a variety of rental carnival games.  Not to mention our concession rentals so that you can enjoy fresh treats together at home.  SnoKones, popcorn, soft-serve ice cream, slushies, cotton candy, a nacho cheese dispenser, and even a hot dog steamer are all available to rent.  At-home fun could be the new 2020 carnival.

So while we’re all figuring out this whirlwind of a year, let us be there for you to make it a little bit more fun.  Give us a call, or even come on in and take a look around.  There’s always something new at Hayes Specialties.