Thankful for Small Businesses

It’s almost here, one of my favorite days of the year!  Not Thanksgiving because as I stated before, not a huge turkey fan.  BLACK FRIDAY!!  I love buying presents for the kiddos, nieces, nephews, and basically everyone I know.  I can’t help myself.  My husband is not so crazy about me dragging him around at 4:30 in the morning just to do some shopping, but he goes along anyhow.

So what do your Black Friday plans look like this year?  Usually I start Thanksgiving Day, but 2020 sure has changed the way we do things.  In fact, most of my Friday shopping will probably be online.  I love good deals, and I seriously love treating people, but  I don’t want to be part of the problem.  I wear a mask without having a hard time, and I understand the point of keeping store capacity low.  What will lines be like this year?  Will a lot of people still go out?  Our governor has asked us to not even have the traditional big family Thanksgiving.  Will this deter people from traditional crazy Black Friday as well?

Perhaps this year it would be better to participate in Small Business Saturday.  2020 has done some major harm to good people.  I work for a small family run business, and it would be nice to see local businesses do well.  Staying afloat during this very trying year can’t be easy.  Perhaps while forgoing large family dinners, and avoiding long lines in crowded stores, we should look local.  If your niece or nephew loves to dance, why not go pick up a gift certificate for dance classes from the local dance studio?  Or get your bestie a tattoo gift certificate from the local tattoo parlor.  Perhaps get a gift certificate from the local coffee shop for your kids’ teachers.

Pretty much every city and town has locally owned businesses.  Whether it be a bookstore, café, clothing shop, or bar, they are out there and trying to get through this year like the rest of us.

So, as much as I love Black Friday, I do believe I will try to change with 2020.  I want to see my town flourish, not fade.  I want to see my friends and neighbors do well, and that starts with all of us.  They count on us to help their doors stay open.  So please join me in Small Business Saturday by going to even just one locally owned shop for a gift this year.  Don’t want to go anywhere?  Hop online and see if your local shops offer online ordering, or maybe even check out Etsy, Society6, and other online sites that promote handmade products.  After all, we’re all in this together.

I hope this holiday finds you and yours happy, healthy, and thankful.  Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Hayes Specialties.