Wishing You Joy

Does it feel like Christmas to you?  I’ve watched Elf and Christmas Chronicles 1 & 2, but I still don’t feel it.  Tree is all aglow, presents wrapped and waiting, but still nothing.  If you are feeling like that too, I’m sorry.  I blame it on 2020.  The year has sucked away my joy.

A lot of people it seems haven’t even started Christmas shopping.  Granted, gifts do not make the holiday, but it is how we typically celebrate.  Trinkets and whatnot that show our love and gratitude for others.  The excitement of finding a great deal for our most wanted items.

I am looking forward to Christmas Eve though.  That is a day where I can sit drinking hot cocoa and watching Christmas movies.  My nieces and nephews will get to tear open the gifts we got them.  The room will be filled with excitement, love and happiness.  It’s the perfect cure for what ails me.

What are the holidays like for you this year?  Are they different?  Will you be celebrating with your loved ones?

Whatever you end up doing, I hope that you have the happiest of holidays.  May you be surrounded with happiness, love, and of course, joy.