Bacon Puffs-80Lb

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Everyone craves that signature, salty bacon flavor - and an easy sell on your midway.  They've been around for years as Pork Rinds, Cracklins, Chicharróns, or Bacon Chips. When the pellets are submerged in hot oil for a few seconds, they puff up to many times the original size! Cook them in our Corn Dog Fryer with #8059 Bacon Puffs Kit. The kit gives you cooking basket with lid to keep pellets submerged while cooking. For a real treat, dust the Bacon Puffs with our Savory Popcorn Flavors. Use Super Saver Bags for carry-home sales. 80 lb. box

Why You Need This

1.  These are a great concession item with a low overhead and high return

2.  Bacon flavor is the hottest craze

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