Corn Dog Dip Tank- For Footlongs

Item No. GM8070FL

$165.00 EAC

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Count on this must-have tank to make easy work of deep-frying corn dogs. Made to sit directly in your fryer, it takes a battered dog from prep to perfect in minutes with minimal mess or setup effort. In the #8048D 240-V Small Fryer, the #8070 Dip Tank can cook up to five standard-sized battered dogs at a time. If using a #8068 King Dog Fryer, the #8070 Dip Tank can hold up to six. For double-sized dogs, the #8070FL Foot-Long Dip Tank maxes out at four foot-long-sized battered dogs. Shown with the #8054 Dog on a Stick Frying Kit.


  • Dimensions: 18" x 6" x 9"

Why You Need This

1.  You want making corn dogs to be easier than ever

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