Fantastico Italian Ice Base

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Imagine having as many flavors of Italian Ice as you have of Sno-Kones®! Add two ounces of any Sno-Kone® concentrate to one carton of Fantastico Italian Ice Base Mix, plus 7 pints of water. This mixture works great in soft serve machines for a terrific frozen dessert. For fun animation, add this fantastic mixture to the Frusheez® machine. The Fantastico Italian Ice Base mix gives you the unique opportunity to have numerous flavor combinations when added to Sno-Kones®

Add any flavor of Italian Ice to the bottom of a Sno-Kone® cup and place a scoop of ice on top. flavor it with a different flavor for a layered treat. Give your customers the fun of creating their own combination of flavors, along with the different texture sensations in one product.

Why You Need This

1.  Create numerous Sno-Kone® combinations

2.  Create a delicious frozen dessert

Sub Category:Slush Sub Category:Soft Serve
Sub Category:Sno Kone Type:Powder Concentrate

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