Unicorn Poo Putty- Soft Bouncing Putty- 2 Dozen Display Box

Item No. 17573

MSRP:  $12.00  Our Price: $9.00 DOZ
2 - 11   $7.20 DOZ
12 - 23   $6.00 DOZ
24 - 239   $4.20 DOZ


Unicorn items are hot sellers right now! Why not have some extra fun with this non-toxic, colorful putty we like to call "Unicorn Poo". Kids of all ages will love playing with this stress-reducing, fun-for-hours glob of putty. In case you're wondering, it is unscented. Each piece is shrink wrapped. (Colors may vary from what is pictured, current lot is assorted pink and purple).

- 24 dozen per case

Why You Need This

1. Unicorns! Pretend Poo! What's better than that?

2. Putty is fun for boys and girls of all ages.

Sub Category:Slime, Putty, & Sand Color:Pink

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