Complete Bingo Cage Set For Home Use

Item No. 15569

MSRP:  $21.95  Our Price: $15.00 EAC
2 - 5   $12.00 EAC
6 - 7   $10.00 EAC
8 - 79   $9.00 EAC


The complete bingo cage set for home use is great for game nights with friends and family or small bingo events. The set comes with everything you need: a cage, 15mm balls, 18 bingo cards, chips, and a masterboard to identify which balls have been called. The cage measures approximately 13 cm in diameter, 9.5 cm wide and the set stands 20 cm tall.

- 8 sets per case

Why You Need This

1. Great for family game night

2. It is economical

3. The plastic coating makes less noise

4. An amazing price on a wholesale bingo cage set

Sub Category:Bingo Cages Color:Black
Packaging:Color Box Size:8 inch

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