Green Dollar Sign Design Dabber-1 Dozen

Item No. 59984

$12.00 DOZ
1 - 11   $12.00 DOZ
12 - 23   $10.80 DOZ
24 - 239   $9.60 DOZ


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Are you lucky with your bingo game? Bring yourself some good luck with these fantastic bingo dabbers. Dabs a green dollar sign design that is about 5/8 of an inch. 1.86 ounce 5.5 inch tall bottle is small enough to keep in your purse or bingo bag. Keep cap on after use and keep away from children. Non toxic. Each dabber is UPC coded with 1 dozen packaged in box with display.

- 24 dozen per case

Why You Need This

1. You want to show exactly what you will be winning at bingo

2. Green is your lucky bingo color

3. A great price on a wholesale bingo dabber

Sub Category:Bingo Dabbers Color:Green
Packaging:1 Dozen Display Box Size:1.86 ounce
Theme:Money Theme:Lucky

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