Pink Magnetic Chips- 100 Ct Bag

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MSRP:  $2.99  Our Price: $2.25 EAC
12 - 71   $1.85 EAC
72 - 143   $1.50 EAC
144 - 1439   $1.35 EAC


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Refill your bingo chip collection with these 100 count pink magnetic chips. Using magnetic chips with a wand makes picking up chips a breeze. Clear your card faster. A wand will normally pick up about 100 chips at the same time. Choose your favorite color to bring you good luck in your bingo game. Chips are packaged in a resealable bag to make storage convenient. Each is UPC coded. Not recommended for children under the age of 3 years.

- 144 sets per case

Why You Need This

1. You want to refill your bingo chip collection

2. Pink is your lucky color

3. You want to be able to clear your board with just a wave of your wand

4. A great price on wholesale magnetic bingo chips

Sub Category:Bingo Chips Color:Pink
Type:Magnetic Type:Chips Only

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