Purple Bingo Ball Magnet w/100 Chip

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Purple magnetic bingo ball and 100 chips makes picking up chips a breeze. No dropping chips on the floor with this strong magnetic ball. Quickly clear your card and pick up all 100 chips at once. Ball and chips are the same color.  Choose your favorite color to bring you good luck in your bingo game. Chips are transparent so you can still see your covered bingo numbers.  Ball measures 3.5 inches in diameter. Conveniently store the chips in this bingo ball. Open ball by  unscrewing both halves. Each is UPC coded. Not recommmended for children under the age of 3 years.

- 48 kits per case

Why You Need This

1. You want to refill or start your bingo chip collection

2. Purple is your lucky color

3. You want a convenient place to store your chips

4. The bingo ball is much cooler than the bingo wand

5. A great price on a wholesale bingo magnet with chips

Sub Category:Bingo Chips Color:Purple
Type:Kit Type:Magnetic

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