Electric Bingo Blower

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MSRP:  $1,299.00  Our Price: $950.00 EAC
1 - 4   $950.00 EAC
5 - 9   $650.00 EAC
10 - 19   $600.00 EAC


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This bingo blower is perfect for both small and large bingo games that wants to have the comfort and ease of calling bingo.  It runs on 110volt  
The cabinet measures 19 inches wide by 17 inches deep and stands 22 inches tall.

The Table (16213) is an ideal companion for this blower.  It is on casters, so very easy to move blowers for storage.

Balls are not included!  A good choice for this blower is our 71BDN (White Double Number) or if you like colors,  71DDN (also double number) is a good set of balls.  These are sold separately.

When you turn on the blower the balls will pop-up; place them in the tray and when done, turn off the blower and lift the tray.   The balls swiftly roll back into the blower for the next game.

Why You Need This

1. Perfect for smaller bingo events

2. The small size makes it easy to move

3. Easy to reload to start a new game

4. An amazing price on a wholesale bingo blower

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