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Plush Hammerhead Shark- 18 Inches- Gray

Plush Hammerhead Shark- 18 Inches- Gray

This hammerhead shark adds a big bite of splashing fun to any occasion. It's goofy, toothy smile and eyes on the sides make this unique creature odd yet irrisistible. Shark is a gray plush material with a white bellly. Fins, tail, and hammerhead shape make this shark the plush version of the real hammerhead. He smiles with an open mouth to show his pink tongue and white felt teeth. Shark measures about 18 inches long and about 7 inches across. Each shark has a sewn tag with UPC code. Not recommended for children under the age of 3 years. Quantities limited to what is on hand. This item will be discontinued when current inventory is exhausted. - 120 pieces per case

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