Block Assembly Flower- In Egg Capsule- 6 Asst- 25 Piece Avg Per Unit- 1 Doz Dsp Box

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MSRP:  $3.99  Our Price: $1.49 EAC
12 - 143   $1.00 EAC
144 - 287   $0.90 EAC
288 - 2879   $0.80 EAC


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Pretty flowers! Six different designs make up this assortment. Pool many together to make a bouquet! The egg container converts into a stand, so you can display up to six at a time. Each set contains between 20 and 30 pieces. Colors and pictures may vary.

- 288 pieces per case

Why You Need This

1. They are perfect for party favors or grab bags

2. These are a great gift

3.  An amazing price on a wholesale block assembly flower

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