Military Playset- 40 Pieces- Tanks, Trucks, Flags, Bases and 3" Army Men- Poly Bagged w/Header

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MSRP:  $9.95  Our Price: $6.00 EAC
4 - 23   $5.00 EAC
24 - 47   $4.00 EAC
48 - 479   $3.50 EAC


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Let your imagination run wild with the classic plastic army men military playset.  This is perfect as a gift, grab bag or prize item.  Each set comes with a 6” Truck, Tank, and Howitzer, 2 flags, tent, and a variety of Army Men.  Figurine count is approximate and may vary slightly from unit to unit.  Recommended for children 5+.

Why You Need This

1. These are a great gift, grab bag, or prize item

2.  Always a fun, nostalgic toy

3.  A great price on a wholesale classic toy

Sub Category:Plastic Figurine Color:Green
Material:Plastic Packaging:Poly bag w/header
Theme:Military Theme:Army

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