Medium Plush Avocado- 12 Inch w/Smile Face

Item No. HX4876

MSRP:  $9.95  Our Price: $7.95 EAC
6 - 39   $6.00 EAC
40 - 79   $4.50 EAC
80 - 799   $3.25 EAC


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This plush just wants to avo good time!  A cute baby face serves as the 'pit' in this colorful and unique avocado plush. Great for fiesta parties. Check out our other sizes of this same piece.  Goes great with plush tacos (items HX4871-HX4874).

- 80 Per Carton

Why You Need This

1.  These are excellent for carnivals

2. Plush food is always fun

3. Perfect for fiesta parties

4. An amazing price on wholesale plush


Sub Category:Plush Color:Green
Color:Assorted Theme:Fiesta
Theme:Carnival Type:Prize

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