Pirate Sword- Shiny Metal- 18 Inches Long- 10 Piece Display Box

Item No. 17862

MSRP:  $7.99  Our Price: $3.50 EAC
 10 Piece Display Box
10 - 39   $2.75 EAC
40 - 79   $2.25 EAC
80 - 799   $2.00 EAC


This classic plastic cutlass is great for kids of all ages. Perfect for playing pirate, sword flights, plays/musicals and more. The blade, while finished in a realistic-looking shiny plastic, it looks real, but is made of a firm but pliable soft plastic. 18 Inches long. Colors may vary slightly from photos. Each piece is UPC coded and comes packed 10 pieces per display box. Former Dillon # 18-5005.

- 80 pieces per case

Why You Need This

1. They are perfect for party favors

2. These are a great for costumes

3. A great price on a wholesale pirate item

Sub Category:Swords Color:Gold
Color:Silver Material:Plastic
Theme:Costume Theme:Pirate

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