Colorful Barrel Slime- Small Size- 2 Dozen Display Box

Item No. 17569

$9.00 DOZ
2 - 11   $4.80 DOZ
12 - 23   $3.60 DOZ
24 - 239   $2.40 DOZ


Sure, slime is gross...But what kid doesn't love it! This non-toxic (of course) sludge in a bright array of colors, and comes in a 1.5 inch diameter by 1.75 inch tall barrel. Each piece is shrink wrapped to prevent opening in transit. (Colors may vary from what is pictured).

- 24 dozen per case

Why You Need This

1. Slime is such gooey fun!

2. They make great party favors

Sub Category:Slime, Putty, & Sand Color:Assorted
Packaging:2 Dozen Display Box Type:Party favors

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