Easy Tips for Caramel Apples

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A caramel apple bar is a fun and unique theme for any fall party.  For kids and adults alike it allows them to personalize an apple that they can then take home as a party favor or eat right away. Keeping these simple things in mind will make sure that it is a delicious treat and not a horrible trick. Choose your apples to compliment … Read More

5 Ideas to Substitute for Candy at Halloween

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With students back in school, fall right around the corner, and Halloween candy and décor stocking the shelves it is time to start thinking about what you will be handing out this year for Halloween.  The restrictions for handing out treats at school have become stricter; allergies need to be taken into consideration, how healthy does it need to be, or even if it is … Read More

3 Tips for Planning a Halloween Party

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Preparing for a Halloween party can be a daunting task, but making sure you have these three areas covered will make your planning much easier. 1. Decorations Decorations help set the scene and there are a variety of options to choose from or create that will give you a spooky atmosphere.  There are several common items that can be re-purposed into spooky and eerie decorations … Read More

Fun New Classroom Ideas

There is nothing  more exciting than the beginning of a new school year when you get to set up your classroom.  You finally get to see in action all of the cool ideas that you have come up with or found online.  Hayes Specialties Corporation has a variety of items that will help bring these ideas to life and fit into classrooms for all ages. … Read More

Tips for Selling Summer Glo

If you are looking for a way to make some extra funds over the summer, a great way to do that is to sell glo items at concerts, festivals, fireworks, etc. To find events that would be good selling opportunities check online and in the local papers.  Speak to event organizers to find out if there is a fee to sell at the event.  Also, … Read More

Landez Joins Hayes Specialties Staff

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Hayes Specialties Corp, 1761 East Genesee in Saginaw is pleased to announce the addition of David Landez to the Hayes Specialties Corp, sales team.  David brings 28 years of experience in the toy and novelty business, beginning his career at Esco Imports in San Antonio, Texas as an order picker, working his way up to sales, then Sales Manager and Associate Buyer. In addition to … Read More

Party Planning with Rentals

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Party planning getting you down, can’t figure out your theme or how you will feed and entertain all of your guests?  No matter the type of party; graduation, birthday, bridal shower, etc., party rentals can help alleviate many of these problems. If a theme is eluding you, look at what rentals are available and plan a theme around some of the options available.  You could … Read More

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