Visiting Hayes Specialties

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We are a novelty, concession, and bingo wholesaler that is open to the public five days a week; Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm and open 24 hours online at When you arrive at Hayes Specialties, you will park in front of our building at 1761 E. Genesee Ave. in Saginaw, MI.   Come in the front door under the blue numbers.   Once … Read More

4 Tips to Have A Great Carnival

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You have your dates and times all figured out, the theme has finally been decided on, and the location is all set for your schools festival/carnival.  All of the difficult decisions seem to be out of the way and now it is time to start planning for the fun and Hayes Specialties has just what you need. Tickets Tickets are a vital part of any … Read More

DIY Create Candy Free Valentines

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Kids these days get candy for all kinds of events.  Do you find yourself stashing away the candy so your children forget?  Or do you find yourself consuming unnecessary calories that you don’t need?  Add in how difficult it is to find candy items not made around peanuts or containing some other type of allergy related ingredient.  So on this Valentines Day why not try … Read More

New Website!

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Key Features On Our New Website After you register and create an account (if you’ve ordered from us before) you will now be able to view past orders, account information, set up multiple purchasers under your login and also customize what they can and cannot see about your account.  If you haven’t ordered from us, no problem, you will start your history the day you … Read More

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