Speedy Automatic Bingo Machine- New and Improved

Item No. 15657A

MSRP:  $399.95  Our Price: $300.00 EAC
1 - 4   $300.00 EAC
5 - 9   $250.00 EAC
10 - 19   $200.00 EAC


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This Speedy Automatic Bingo Machine will make calling a bingo easy and enjoyable. Measuring approximately 2’3”L x 1’4.5”W x 1’2”H. It features small wooden balls, with crisp, clear, black writing that return to the cage with the push of a lever at the end of a game. The bottom of the metal master board and chute are both lightly padded in foam to keep the noise level down. The set also comes with 10 cardboard bingo cards.

Why You Need This

1. Perfect for smaller bingo events

2. Great for occasional use

3. The plastic coating and foam padding keeps the noise level down

4. With the masterboard attached to the cage, it makes starting a new game easy

5. An amazing price on a wholesale bingo machine


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