Wholesale Raffle Drums and Supplies From Hayes

Hayes Specialties Corporation carries a full line of wholesale raffle supplies including raffle drums, raffle tickets, and raffle balls.  All of our supplies are high quality and are stocked in our inventory ready to ship to you.  Click below to see our inventory.

Raffle Drums

Our high quality raffle drums, plated with brass, include a slot to drop tickets, weighted drum so the slot stays on top, a lockable loop for security, and rubber feet to protect the surface where it sits. Drums range from a very simple desktop design that holds up to 2,000 roll tickets to a larger, brass plated drum with capacity to hold over 15,000 roll tickets. All drums are light weight and easy to transport.


Raffle tickets supplied by Hayes Specialties Corporation are standard one time use tickets.  When purchased in bulk these are very inexpensive option for your raffle operation.  Raffle supplies such as bowler cards, pick-n-win cards, and roll tickets are all regular stock items. 


We stock a full supply of raffle balls with options being numbered up to 100, 250, or 500.  These are all high quality balls that can be used for an indefinite period of time. 

Ticket Boxes

Acrylic ticket boxes are also offered by Hayes and are perfect for collecting tickets and for collecting business cards at restaurants and bars.