Fryer-Corn Dog-King 230V

Item No. GM8068

$1,450.00 EAC

Usually Ships in 8 to 10 Days

Now you can choose which King will rule your corn dog cooking! The standard #018068 King Dog is an electric fryer ideal for corn dogs up to 8.5”, crisping them to tasty perfection with 35 lb. of oil. But the #018068FL Foot-Long King Dog is the only electric fryer on the market that can successfully handle a foot-long-sized corn dog and 50 lb. of oil. The Foot-Long King also comes standard with two six-position Skewer Clip Assemblies.

Why You Need This

1.  You need the capability to make the most popular corn dog size 

2.  You want to be able to fry up a variety of tasty treats

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