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Polly The Dirty Parrot- 1 Pc Box

Polly The Dirty Parrot- 1 Pc Box

Want to add a shocking bit of color to your home or office? Polly the Insulting Parrot fits the bill! With animatronic wing and beak motion, Polly has a motion sensor in the front that will set off a stream of rude and crude language. This swearing parrot is very offensive, "F-bombs" are used, among other coarse and possibly off-putting words, phrases and suggestive dialogue...But if that's your thing, you'll love Polly! Requires 4 AA batteries (not included).This item is not suitable for children under the age of 18. Period. Don't use around your kids, don't show your kids, don't give Polly to them to play with on the floor...He's absloutely terrible! - 12 per case

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