Bamboo Skewers 18 Inch x 6.25mm 250 per bag

Item No. 4154

$20.00 BAG
1 - 3   $20.00 BAG
4 - 7   $18.50 BAG
8 - 79   $15.00 BAG


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Bamboo skewers 18Inches long  X 1/4 inch thick. These bamboo skewers are great for Saratoga Swrils, fondue dipping, barbeques, and especially shish kebobs.  250 per bag with 8 bags in a carton. BAMBOO IS A VERY RENEWABLE SOURCE.THESE STICKS ARE AS STURDY AS WOOD.

Why You Need This

1.  You want a stick that is good for the enviroment

2.  Perfect for Fried Potato Swirls.

3.  These are perfect for a variety of food served on a stick

Sub Category:Corn Dog Color:Natural

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