Electronic Bingo Blower W/Verifier

Item No. 17212

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Verifies 1-9000 series bingo paper. Attaches to either 17302 or 17304 flashboard.  Displays the last number called, the number of balls called, and the pattern necessary to win. 101 patterns are installed. Also includes a controllable timer for the caller.  Several other features included.

Balls are not included! A good option would be the 71HDN (Coated double number) these are sold separately.

Measures 19 inches wide by 17 inches deep and 22 inches tall.  110V 130W

Item comes in black only

Why You Need This

1. You want to verify 1-9000 series bingo paper

2. You want to be able to attach it to a flashboard

3. You want to be able to display the last number called, number of balls called, and the pattern to win

4. The small size makes it easy to move

Sub Category:Bingo Blowers & Displays Color:Black
Type:Electronic Voltage/Amps:110V/15A



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